How to Make an Epoxy Resin River Table

Today, I show you how to make an epoxy resin river table using glow powder.  This live edge epoxy resin river table is made from sinker cypress and glows in the dark.  Furthermore, I teach you how to embed objects in an epoxy resin river table.



The leftover sinker cypress from my previous river table and my desire to improve my skills and add unique features inspired me to create this table.

Repetitive tasks bore me easily and I dreaded the thought of making the same table twice.

Although this sinker cypress table matches the other live edge river table, it is very different because it GLOWS in the dark without lights.

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Be Sure to Get Your DIY plans for this Project by Clicking HERE


Tools I Used for this River Table

Table Top Epoxy Resin

Glow Powder (Neutral Sky Blue) – Link directly to manufacturer site.  If you prefer to purchase from Amazon, click here.

Fire Glass

Hairpin Table Legs

UV Black Light Strip

Black Light for Testing

Micro Butane Torch

Hot Glue Gun



Porter Cable Heat Gun

CA Glue

Silicon Caulk

Dovetail Clamps

Renaissance Wax

Ryobi Circular Saw

Straight Edge for Saw

Mixing Sticks

Dewalt Planer

Air Compressor

Air Compressor Hose & Retractable Reel

Tack Cloth


Carpenter’s Square

Utility Pry Bar

Milwaukee Orbital Sander

Ryobi Orbital Sander


Boeshield Rust Free

Rubber Gloves XL

Ear Protection

Eye Protection

Dust Mask


Also, I compiled a list of all the tools I use in my shop including the tools I use to run this website.  Click here to go there now.



Sinker Cypress Wood

First of all, I used Sinker Cypress for this project as I have in many of my other projects.

This is the third sinker cypress table projects within the last 12 months.  I like using sinker cypress because it’s unique grain patterns, color variations, durability, and history.

Sinker Cypress is fairly soft, which makes it susceptible to dents and scratches.  I normally use sinker cypress for desks or entryway tables.

This piece of sinker cypress was already the correct length.  I cut the original piece in half for my previous project, so the remaining piece was exactly 48″ long.