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Tools I Use

You will find a list of my essential tools for a home workshop. These tools enable me to create my projects, manage this DIY blog, and more.

Essential Tools for Home Workshop

Although my essential tools for a home workshop may change from time to time, I’ll do my best to update this list accordingly.
If there is a discrepancy, feel free to call me out on it.

My Tool List

Tools for Home Workshop

Every craftsman and DIYer use tools no matter their skill level.
Professional woodworkers often enjoy the top-of-the-line tools.
On the other hand, some hobbyist use only simple hand tools to enjoy the craft of making things.
As the popular phrase goes “the skill is not within the tool, but within the creator” is very true.
Regardless, the essential tools for a home workshop started with a single tool.

Walnut Table Rubio Monocoat Application Buffing

First Tool Purchases

For the most part, my workflow determine the tools I use.
My first tool purchase over $100 was a craftsman circular saw (an incredibly dangerous saw) and a ryobi miter saw.
I purchased both of these tools to cut plywood and 2x4s in order to board the windows of my house 3 days before Hurricane Katrina.

hurricane katrina board windows

Despite my amateur (to put it politely) woodworking skills at this time, the boards protected our home from damage.

Essentially, both of these tools served me well on various DIY projects for 10 years.

Tools for Home Workshop Buying Tips

Ultimately, I encourage you to buy tools that fit within your workflow and as you need them.
Before I purchase a new tool, I ask myself these questions:

  • Will I use this tool on 50% of my projects?
  • Does this tool fit my workflow and lifestyle?

If I answer ‘yes’ to both questions, I purchase the tool.
Ultimately, these simple questions help me avoid unnecessary purchases and consuming space in my workshop with unused tools.

Buying Advice for Tools

When I first started getting serious about woodworking, I purchased various stationary power tools.
Over time, I realized mobile tools fit my lifestyle and workflow much better.
So, I sold my stationary power tools (except for my bandsaw) and invested in the Festool system.

square ends festool mft3 and ts75


Obviously, my tools are by no means the #1 tools on the market.
Rather, they simply help me work safer and efficiently.
Keep in mind, I own tools that are not listed on this page because I don’t recommend them.

In conclusion, I hope my essential tools for a home workshop provided you with value.