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How to Make a Seashell Resin Table

In this article, I show you how to make a seashell resin table. Learn how to embed shells in resin and many more resin and woodworking tips to create a beach inspired table.

Even if you don’t need a seashell resin table, the epoxy resin tips and woodworking techniques I used can be applied to any resin and wood project.

So, let’s get started with a list of tools and material.

Tools and Material

Epoxy Resin
Neutral Aqua Glow Powder
Mixing Containers
Rubio Monocoat Finish
Rotex Sander
40 Grit
60 Grit
80 Grit
100 Grit
120 Grit
150 Grit
180 Grit
220 Grit
320 Grit
Grinder (Updated Item)
50 Grit Sanding Disc
MFT3 Table
TS75 Track Saw
Orbital Buffer
All the Tools I Use

Often times, I experiment with many different epoxy products and wood finishes in my shop.  
For your convenience, I’ve compiled a complete list of my favorite epoxy resin material and tools.

Video Tutorial

There are several things which are difficult to fully explain with words and images, so be sure to check out the video tutorial above/below!

How to Make a Seashell Resin Table Top

Gather Materials

The basic materials needed for a seashell resin table are 2 pieces of reclaimed wood of equal lengths, epoxy resin, and seashells.
Epoxy resin pigment powder or glow powder can also be mixed with resin to add color and glowing effects.

epoxy resin deep pour

Create Resin Mold

To create a resin mold, use plywood (or any flat wood) to build a box larger than the width, length, and height of the seashell resin table and cover it with packing tape or sheathing tape.
Apply furniture wax to serve as a epoxy resin release agent.

seashell resin table epoxy release agent

Mix Epoxy Resin

Determine the amount of epoxy resin needed to fill half the thickness of the epoxy seashell table and mix the epoxy resin.

measure Liquid Glass 2.0 Epoxy Resin

Pour Epoxy Resin

Next, pour the epoxy in the seashell resin table. After pouring, inspect the table for leaks.

seashell resin table epoxy pour

Set Shells in Resin

To set shells in epoxy resin, wait until the epoxy is partially cured but still tacky and place the seashells in the resin.

setting shells in resin

Embed Seashells in Resin

After the first layer of resin completely cures (normally 24 hours), mix and pour clear epoxy resin over the seashells.

embedding shells in resin

Remove Epoxy Bubbles

Often times, air pockets form for 30 to 45 minutes after the initial layer of epoxy is poured.
Simply use a heat gun or mini torch to remove the air pockets as they rise to the surface.

remove epoxy resin bubbles with mini torch

Sand Epoxy Resin

To properly sand epoxy resin, use an orbital sander and with the following sanding grits in order: 40, 60, 80, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320.

epoxy resin and wood sanding

Apply Epoxy Wood Finish

The best epoxy wood finish is Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2c.
Apply Rubio Monocoat according to the manufacturers instructions.

finish epoxy wood table
How to Make a Seashell Resin Table

DIY Project Background

My daughter asked me to build her a new desk for her room about a year ago.
Obviously, I wanted this desk to be special for her – one that would bring a smile to her face.

A few went by and I noticed the huge amount seashells my family and I collected over the last 10 summers.
So, I decided to use these seashells to make a seashell resin table or desk for my daughter.

As a side note, I recently opened a beach inspired blog and online store where I sell handcrafted beach decor.

Wood Surfboard Towel Rack Holder

Beach and Family

My family and I love the beach, ocean, and everything else it has to offer.

The beach plays such a huge role in my life – always has and always will.
It nourishes my soul, clears my thoughts, and inspires me.
More importantly, the ocean reminds me of the most important things in my life.

Jeremy Hoffpauir, Stacey Hoffpauir, Zeph Hoffpauir, Shane Hoffpauir, Mattie Hoffpauir

My family and I spend as much time as possible enjoying the warm sun, clear blue waters, and soft white sand at our home in Destin, Florida.

things to do in Destin, Florida
paddle boarding in Destin, Florida

Different Ways to Collect Seashells

My family and I collect seashells organically.
In other words, we collect them while doing other beach activities.

Ocean Wildlife

We enjoy chasing dolphins on our paddle boards.

paddle boarding in Destin, Florida
dolphins while paddle boarding in Destin, Florida
dolphins while paddle boarding in Destin, Florida

Furthermore, we love taking underwater pictures of sea turtles and different types of fish.

sea turtle in Destin, Florida
school of tarpon in Destin, Florida
things to do in destin, florida

Often times, Manatees or sea cows cruise along the beaches and scare the daylights out of tourists.

manatee swimming in Destin, Florida

Beach Snorkeling

Obviously, we collect seashells mostly by snorkeling.

things to do in destin, florida
snorkeling in Destin, Florida
snorkeling in Destin, Florida

Seashell Epoxy Desk Installation

In order to install the seashell resin table in the corner of my daughter’s room, I built a 2″x24″ rectangle box using plywood.
Essentially, the box allows me to secure the desk away from the wall and provides a space to drop down cables or power cords.

How to make a seashell epoxy table top

Then, I rested the desk on the far right side with the drawers facing out.
Also, I used the DIY plans I created for my epoxy beach table to make the desk bottom.

how to make a seashell resin table top

Also, be sure to download the desk base cabinet with drawer storage DIY plans.

Next, I drilled pilot holes on the underside of the table and used 3 screws to secure the desk to the wall bracket.

Seashell Resin Table

Obviously, my daughter loves her beach inspired desk.

More importantly, it reminds her of all the great memories we made and continue to make during long summer days at the beach.

In conclusion, I hope this tutorial showed you how to make a seashell resin table and inspired you to make your own.

how to make a seashell resin table

Finishes for Wood and Epoxy Resin

Learn about the different finishes for wood and epoxy resin and the best one for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a beach scene with resin?

to make a beach scene with resin, mix various blue and green pigments with resin to create water. Use white alcohol ink mmixed with white resin to create ocean waves.

Can you epoxy over sand?

To pour epoxy over sand, the sand must first be mixed with a small amount of epoxy resin to make it tacky. This helps the sand remain in place when epoxy is poured over the sand.

How much does epoxy resin cost?

The typical price of 1 gallon of epoxy resin costs $65.00 dollars.

How do you make resin ocean art?

To make resin ocean art, use a canvas, epoxy resin, and various dyes and pigments to create ocean colors.

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