DIY LED Light Costume

Hey everyone, my wife helped our son find a very cool DIY LED Light Costume for Halloween.  This costume was easy to make and it received many compliments.  Keep reading to find out how to make this costume for any occasion.

My son will be 12 years old in December; therefore, finding a Halloween costume which sparks his interest is challenging.  To be honest, I sighed a bit when Stacey and our son approached me about this DIY LED Stick Figure Light costume.

I have a ton of stuff going on right now and simply have little time to devote to making a Halloween costume.

However, my mind quickly changed as soon as they showed me this costume.  It’s interesting how we tend to make time for things we are interested in doing.  🙂

Luckily, another person created this LED Light costume and wrote instructions about the process.  You can find his article here.

I normally don’t blog or make videos on projects already done by someone else.  It simply doesn’t provide value to my readers (you).

Ultimately, I chose to make an exception for this project because I will go into detail on a few important steps such as soldering.

Stuff I Used

The materials of for this project are fairly cheap and they can be used for many other projects.  I’ve included a list of the same materials I used below:



Step 1:  Measure the LED Lights

First, I measured the amount of LED Lights needed for the project.

I used a string to make the following measurements:

  • Top of foot to top of pants below bellow button (both legs)
  • Bottom of shirt (below belly button) to forehead and add 6″
  • With arm spread out, measure from one wrist to the other wrist

Below is an ugly diagram you can reference for the rest of this post

DIY LED Light Costume Diagram


Step 2:  Cut LED Lights

Next, I cut the LED light strips according to my measurements in step 1.

Be sure to cut the LED light strip in the correct location.  Otherwise, the LED light strip cannot be spliced together.

The LED light strip I used clearly indicated where to make the cut.