LED Epoxy Resin River Table

In this video tutorial, I show you how to make an LED Epoxy Resin River Table with Sinker Cypress.  This LED river table has an epoxy resin river, blue fire glass, LED lights, and sits on industrial hairpin legs.



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I received a text from my friends at Riverside Lumber in New Orleans about some unique Sinker Cypress they received.  Immediately, I went over there the same day because Sinker Cypress sells very quickly.  I love working with Sinker Cypress because it is such a beautiful wood with lots of history.  Check out more about Sinker Cypress here.

So, I purchased a piece of Sinker Cypress that was about 8 feet in length and 17 inches wide.  The picture below is a picture of the wood after I cut it in half.

epoxy resin river table__00


The Sinker Cypress sat in my shop for 3 months and I finally decided to use it to make an LED Epoxy Resin River Table.


Tools I Used

Table Top Epoxy Resin
Fire Glass
HairPin Table Legs