How To Make a Refrigerator Wood Door Handle

Hey Everyone, Jeremy Hoffpauir here.  My family and I use our garage refrigerator very often because it holds our water and other drinks.  The refrigerator door handle broke a few months ago, so I decided to show you how to make a refrigerator wood door handle.


Things I Used



A refrigerator door handle is made from cheap plastic and break often.  This became obvious when I searched for keywords to use in this blog post as there are a few online companies that specialize in custom refrigerator door handles.

I decided to make my own from a scrap piece of hard maple that was leftover from a previous project.

My garage refrigerator is black and it doesn’t match with the hard maple too well, but I just can’t paint or stain beautiful wood – it’s just too painful.  I decided to just go with it – after all, the refrigerator is in the garage and it’s not the centerpiece of our house.


Step 1: Remove Refrigerator Door Handle & Trace

My plastic handle completely broke off the refrigerator.  I traced the door handle on top of the hard maple.  The hard maple was 2″ thick, which made it slightly larger than the original refrigerator door handle (1.75″).  I was fine with it being slightly larger.