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About Me – Jeremy Hoffpauir



If you are reading this, you want to learn more about me – Jeremy Hoffpauir.  I am the creator of pahjo.com.  Most importantly, I am a proud Dad of 3 wonderful kids (and 2 awesome dogs) and I am happily married to my soulmate (i.e. the only person in the world who truly understands me and willing to put up with my <insert_inappropriate_adjective_here>).

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Morgan City, Louisiana.  I currently reside in Pearl River, Louisiana primarily and in Destin, Florida for about 2 months out of the year.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and traveling.  I enjoy watching my kids grow and being a Dad.  I enjoy spending time on the beach – paddleboarding, snorkeling and collecting seashells.  I enjoy coaching my son’s baseball team.  I enjoy watching sports (especially the Saints!), I enjoy spending time in my workshop creating things.  I enjoy many other things as well, but I’m not going to list any additional items to make sure you don’t fall asleep while reading this.


My Family


Why did I start pahjo.com?

I believe we should all have the courage to be true to ourselves by doing what we love to do regardless of whatever or whomever tells us it is not possible, practical or financially fruitful.  This is the reason I created pahjo.com – I love creating cool things.  I love making old things look cool, I love making new things look old, I love making things that are unique, I love making things that inspire me, and I love making things that inspire others.

I love the idea of imagining something I want, creating it with my own hands & sharing it with others.  This may sound simple to some people, but this simple process inspires me and makes me happy.  It is also the foundation of what I love to do.

I asked myself the following question not to long ago, “If I had all the money in the world, what would I do?”  Would I continue to work in the field I am working?  Would I watch reruns of ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Game of Thrones’, or ’The Walking Dead’ all day?  I would do exactly what I’m choosing to do right now, which is create a platform to share my creations, ideas, failures, and comical bloopers with others.

One of my goals is to bring you some form of value by sharing my own style – whether it be inspiration, confidence (if he can do it, I can) or a good laugh (that guy has no idea what he is doing).  My other goal is to also learn from you in order to develop my skills and get better at what I love to do.


How did I get started with building things?

I’ve always been sort of handy around the house and I actually enjoyed fixing/improving things around my home without needing to hire a contractor.  I wasn’t taught how to fix or build things when I was growing up as I spent most of my youth/adolescent years playing sports.  By utilizing a ‘google is my friend’ & ‘I can figure it out’ mentality, I plowed through the most common DIY projects around the house.

In 2012, my wife and I bought a 2nd home on the Florida panhandle that was in foreclosure as many homes were after the 2008 real estate crash.  To make a long story short, we purchased the house without stepping foot inside the property b/c it was in our price range and in a great location.

The house sat vacant for 2 years before we purchased it and it was in very rough shape – we had no idea what we got ourselves into at the time.  At the end of the day, I guess ignorance is bliss in some cases.  My wife and I quickly realized after purchasing the house and fixing the core components (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.) that we didn’t have the money to furnish or decorate the house.  I used the aforementioned ‘google is my friend’ & ‘I can figure it out’ mentality & came across websites, youtube channels, etc. which contained step-by-step tutorials on how to make furniture.  This started my journey and ignited my passion for creating things.

Over the next year, my wife and I furnished just about our entire house by building our own furniture &/or buying cheap, used furniture and refinishing them using various painting/distressing techniques.  The sense of pride and accomplishment I had after this process was something I never felt before.  I began building just about anything/everything I could find online (blog, video, tutorial, etc.) based on my interest & need at the time.   I began to develop my own style by creating things, following my instinct and imagination.

Check out my creations here.  Also, check out the tools I use here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jeremy Hoffpauir – pahjo.com