How to Make Resin Art Effects on a Canvas

In this article, I show you how to make resin art effects on a canvas. I use multiple techniques to create cells and blending, which are both unique resin art effects.


Step 1: Gather Materials and Prepare Work Surface

As most of you know, I like working with Epoxy Resin.

I had a small amount of material left over from my epoxy resin table project I completed last month, so I decided to make resin art on a canvas.

The materials I used for this project are listed below.



Epoxy Resin Work Surface

First of all, I receive a ton of questions about my epoxy resin work surface.  So, I’ll take a quick minute to explain.

In an effort to reduce the epoxy resin mess (run-off), I attached four 2×4’s to the underside of my outfeed table a few months ago.  The 2×4’s suspend the work piece in the air.

Additionally, I used 2×4’s around the table below the plywood top to create a tub.

I sealed the underside of the table with silicone caulk to prevent leaking.

Ultimately, the underside of the outfeed table is a tub which collects the epoxy as it runs off the work piece.

The outfeed table is attached to my table saw with magnets.

To use the table, I pull it away from the table saw and flip it over.