How to Resize Images on a Mac 

Hey Everyone, Jeremy Hoffpauir here.  Today, I will show you how to resize images on a Mac using an Automator service.  I also show you how to resize multiple images at once.

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I write blog posts with many pictures quite often.  The pictures I place in my blog posts are often screen captures from one of my videos.

Since I record in 4k, the image size (3840×2160) of the screen captures are too large for my blog.

I like my photos to be 1920 x 1080, which is a nice HD image size.  I also use 1280×720 in certain scenarios.

When I first started my blog, I manually resized each picture using preview.  After 2 blog posts, I needed to find another way.

I decided to use an Automator service to resize images, which is  standard on Apple computers.


Step 1:  Open Automator and Create New Service

Open Automator by navigating to your applications folder and clicking ‘Automator”.

Highlight ‘Service’.

How to Resize Images On Mac-Automator-Service_1


Then, click ‘Choose’.

how to resize images on a mac-Automator-Service-Choose_2


Step 2:  Set Options

In the ‘Service Received Selected’ dropdown, choose ‘Image Files’.


how to resize images on a mac-Services-Received-Selected_3


Next, Under ‘Library’ in the far left pane choose ‘Files and Folders’.