DIY Custom Built In Cabinets

In this tutorial, I show you how I built DIY custom built in cabinets. I installed these DIY custom built ins on both sides of a fireplace on an entertainment center wall.


I’m in the process of finishing a very detailed, downloadable tutorial for this project.

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Tools I Used



Introduction and Design

Some friends of mine asked me to build 2 identical Cypress built ins on both sides of the fireplace for their new home.

They wanted the built ins to extend from the floor to the ceiling and have a farmhouse style to match the rest of the house.

Since I had to build these DIY custom built in cabinets in my shop, it was easier to build them in 3 different sections.  These sections would stack on top of one another to comprise the final piece.

The DIY custom built in cabinet doors with glass panes, shiplap on the sides, and all black hardware.



Bottom Section

The first step to this project was to build the bottom section.  It was important that I build this as sturdy as possible because the middle and top sections will sit on top of it.

DIY Custom Built In Cabinets Bottom Section


I started by ripping 3/4″ plywood to size.  Next, I attached the 2 sides to the bottom piece with glue and pocket holes.


Then, I put the back piece in position and secured it to each side and the bottom with a bar clamp.  I spread glue, drilled pilot holes, and used pocket screws to secure the back.

DIY Custom Built In Cabinets Pocket Holes Screws

Next, I attached the front and back floor supports using pocket screws and fastened 3 evenly spaced between them. I also screwed into them from each of the outer sides.


Bottom Section Insert and Top

The bottom section insert consisted of 2 sides and 2 pieces glued together to form the middle. This insert would lay into the previous section.


This was my own design and I’m sure it’s overkill, but I made sure the bottom piece was as sturdy as it possibly could be.

The top laid perfectly on all 4 corners, but I still used a clamp to prevent shifting. I secured it with glue and pocket screws.


Middle Section

I constructed the middle section the same way – with pocket holes, glue, and screws.

This section is twice as tall as the bottom section and has 2 large cabinet doors.  I used 3 1×4’s cut from plywood to attach to the back of each section.

This will help provide spacing from the wall in case wires need to be ran down the back.