DIY Pizza Peel

Hey Everyone, Jeremy Hoffpauir here.  I decided to make a DIY Pizza Peel for a local charity.  I decided to make this wood pizza peel with Mahogany and Walnut.  The pizza peel long handle makes it easy to use and practical.


Things I Used:




Choose Wood and Dimensions

It is important to choose a suitable hardwood for a DIY pizza peel.  A wood pizza peel will come into contact with food and it will be exposed to excessive heat.  Mahogany and Walnut seemed like a great choice for this DIY pizza peel because they are both hardwood and I had excess in my workshop.

I wanted the pizza peel to have a long handle and be about 14″ wide.  The dimensions I used originated from the look and feel, not from exact dimensions.


Prepare Wood

I resawed the 8×4 (2″ thick) piece of mahogany on my Grizzly table saw.  It was 24″ long.


DIY Pizza Peel - 1 - resaw


Next, I cut 2 pieces of 4×4 (1″) walnut to 14″ on my Bosch Miter Saw.  These pieces were the sides of the DIY Pizza Peel.

DIY Pizza Peel - 2 - walnut sides


A nice jointer is on my tool wish list.  For the interim, I use my homemade jointer sled with 2 grooves I cut with a dovetail 14 degree router bit.  My dovetail clamps secure the board to the sled to get one straight side.  I then used my table saw to straighten the other side.  I repeated this procedure for all 3 boards.

DIY Pizza Peel - 3 - jointer sled


Once each board was straight on both sides, I ran them through my dewalt planer.  The boards were already fairly flat, so a few passes achieved the desired result.

DIY Pizza Peel - 4 - Planer

Glue Up

The glue up is rather simple.  First, I placed the boards in their appropriate position to make sure they were flush.  I placed the boards on 2 bar clamps and flipped the pieces of walnut upwards.

I used a glue dispenser to spread an even bead of glue on each piece of walnut.

Next, I used a rockler silicon glue applicator set to cover the entire area.  I slowly applied pressure with my bar clamps until glue seeped out evenly.  The picture shows 2 bar clamps, but I used 4 bar clamps in total.


Draw Template

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t use a template for the wood pizza peel.  I had a pizza stone from my smoker that was the size of a pizza peel and decided to use it as a template.  Next, I traced it with a double sided pencil.

Quick Tip:  If you are always looking for pencils in your shop, I recommend buying these pencils.  Sharpen them on an old school pencil sharpener and leave them all over the workshop.  May sound like a simple tip, but it saves time and keeps my frustration level down.

DIY Pizza Peel - 8 - rounding


I free-handed the neck of the wood pizza peel while ensuring it was even on both sides.  It was important to me to have a long handle.

DIY Pizza Peel - 9 - neck


Spray paint cans are very handy for drawing perfect circles.  I decided to use one to form the knob.

DIY Pizza Peel - 10 - handle knob


I cut out the lines using my bandsaw.

DIY Pizza Peel - 11 - bandsaw

Rough Sanding

Sanding is an essential part of how to make a pizza peel.

First, I used my spindle sander with the wide spindle to knock down the rough spots on the wood pizza peel.

DIY Pizza Peel - 12 - spindle sanding


Next, I used my small spindle on my spindle sander to sand the pizza peel long handle and knob.

DIY Pizza Peel - 12.1 - Knob Sanding


Then, I used my disc sander remove the marks caused by the spindle sander.

DIY Pizza Peel - 12.2 - Disc Sander


Finally, I finished off with my orbital sander.

DIY Pizza Peel - 12.3 - Orbital Rough Sanding