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17 Free DIY Workbench Plans: Easy Woodworking Project

Grab these free DIY workbench plans to build your own sturdy workbench for the garage or shed. It’s perfect for DIY projects, increasing skill level, and might give you extra storage space.

Even if you don’t need free plans with detailed instructions, each DIY workbench project contains valuable information to help you with design ideas and much more.

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Workbench Design

17 Free DIY Workbench Plans

Common Tools

BONUS: Workbench Plans on Etsy

Understand Your Workbench Needs

A workbench is one of the most common woodworking projects.  After all, every DIY’er needs a great workbench to work on.
Before starting the construction process, you it’s essential to understand your specific needs. 

What will be the primary function of your workbench? 
Will it be a station for your power tools like a miter saw or simply a flat surface for assembly tasks?

The answer will guide you in choosing the right workbench plan.

17 Free DIY Workbench Plans

The following free woodworking plans contain step-by-step instructions, a supply list, cut list, cutting diagrams, and more.

1 – The Basic Workbench

Basic Workbench DIY Plans
Photo By: Ana White

A basic workbench is a great starting point for beginners.
Typically, this affordable option only requires only 2×4 lumber and plywood.
It offers a flat work surface on top and a storage shelf at the bottom.
Some designs even incorporate smaller shelves on the sides for additional storage.

2 – Mobile Workbench

DIY Mobile Workbench Plans
Photo By: Ana White

If you’re dealing with a limited workspace, a mobile workbench with casters is a fantastic option. 
The mobility allows you to move it around easily making it a functional diy workbench.
It’s a fairly straightforward build and very useful for working in tight spaces.  

3 – Workbench with Large Top Side

Workbench with Large Top DIY Plans
Photo By: Instructables

For those who need a large work surface or plenty of space to work, this easy workbench project fits the criteria. 
Many designs also come with a bottom shelf for storing bigger tools. 
Plus, if it’s on wheels, you’ll have the convenience of moving it around your workspace.

4 – Welding Table Workbench

Welding Workbench Plans
Photo By: Instructables

This welding table workbench works perfectly for welding and metal working.
First, this table is easy and inexpensive to build.
In addition, it serves as a flat working surface with clamp access anywhere on the top.

5. Workbench with Drawers and Cabinets

DIY Workbench with Drawers and Cabinets
Photo By: Instructables

If you require a lot of storage for your tools and other accessories, you need a workbench with drawers and cabinets with enough space for storage.
This design provides you with an organized workspace and keeps your tools within reach.
Furthermore, drawer slides allow the storage drawers to retract and save space.

6. The 1 Hour Workbench

1 Hour Workbench Free Plans
Photo By: Instructables

Building your own DIY workbench plans make the process easy and should not take a long time.
This 1 hour workbench is a great project.

It features a plywood top and 2×4 skirting to provide a stable foundation.
Additionally, castor wheels allow you to move it around your space.

7. Workbench with Outfeed Table

Workbench with Outfeed Table Plans
Photo By: Instructables

Woodworkers who use a table saw often will appreciate a workbench that also serves as an outfeed table. 
This dual-purpose, large workbench serves as a table saw outfeed table and workbench top.
In addition, it provides a sturdy surface for large boards and allows for storage shelves below the top.

8. Budget Workbench with Pallet Wood

Budget Workbench with Pallet Wood DIY Plans
Photo By: Instructables

If you’re working on a tight budget, this pallet wood workbench fits the bill. 
A budget workbench plan features a simple design that requires fewer materials making it affordable to build. 
Despite its low cost, it’s still sturdy and functional.

9. Small Space Workbench

Small Space Workbench Free Plans
Photo By: Instructables

Even those with a small workspace can enjoy the benefits of a good work table.
A built-in space for a table saw and plenty of storage options make this workbench plan perfect for small spaces.
Additionally, you can use pocket holes to add a lower shelf if needed.

10. Folding Workbench

Folding Workbench Plans PDF
Photo By: Ana White

If you need a workbench that’s easy to pack away when not in use, opt for a folding workbench plan. With this design, you can simply fold the workbench and roll it away when you’re done.

11. Ultimate Garage Workbench

Ultimate Garage Workbench Build Plans
Photo By: Instructables

This L-shaped garage workbench features a classic design with a top work surface, overhead storage pockets, and a bottom shelf. 
The peg board backing allows you to Some designs even include a fold-out top for additional workspace.

12. Wrap Around Garage DIY Workbench Plans

wrap around garage workbench Free Plans
Photo By: Instructables

If you want the best of the best, the ultimate garage multipurpose bench plan is for you. 
It offers a wrap around area and large worktop, plenty of storage, and is built to last.

13. DIY Tool Cart with Workbench Top

DIY Workbench Plans Free
Photo By: Instructables

For those who want a DIY tool cart with a workbench top, these step-by-step plans fit your needs.
Despite its low cost, it provides a sturdy work surface and plenty of room for your tools.

14. Simple DIY Workbench Plans

Simple Workbench Plans
Photo By: Instructables

Another simple workbench design offers a sturdy work surface with a bottom shelf for storage. 
It’s a basic design that’s easy to build, perfect for beginners.

15. DIY Workbench with 2x6s

DIY Sturdy Workbench Plans
Photo By: Instructables

For those who prefer to do it all themselves, a new DIY workbench plan is a great way to find a home for your hand tools.
This particular design uses 2x6s and plywood sheets with plenty of customization options.
Essentially, this allows you to create a workbench that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

16. Ultimate DIY Workbench Plans for Woodworkers

DIY Workbench for Woodworking Free Plans
Photo By: Instructables

If you’re looking for a heavy duty workbench with a classic style for woodworkers, choose this ultimate woodworkers workbench.
This solid workbench features dog holes on top of the workbench with thick workbench legs.

17. Specialty Workbenches

DIY Downdraft Workbench Plans Free
Photo By: Instructables

Apart from the general-purpose workbenches, you might need a specialty workbench.
This downdraft DIY workbench plan features a top with spaces between the boards.  
Moreover, this feature allows you to place a vacuum in the bottom frame to capture dust from sanding.

Common Tools and Materials List

In addition to a simple workbench plan with step-by-step instructions, you need some basic tools to build a work bench.

Wood Screws
Circular Saw
Wood Glue
Pocket Hole Jig (Kreg Jig)
Pocket Hole Screws
Drill Bit for Pilot Holes
Caster Wheels
End Vise
Sheet of Plywood (3/4″)

17 Free DIY Workbench Plans

Workbench Plans on Etsy

Here are the best DIY workbench plans on Etsy:

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DIY Mobile Workbench Plans


In conclusion, creating your own workbench can be a satisfying and useful DIY project. 
With these free DIY workbench plans, you can build a solid surface to fit your workflow.
So, choose one of the pdf plans, gather your tools, and start building.

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