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35 Easy DIY Gun Wall Mount Rack Displays (Free Plans)

In this comprehensive guide, learn about 35 simple and cost-effective ways to store your guns and gun gear. 

From a horizontal gun rack for your gun room to a vertical rack to store guns of different heights, explore the different ways to make gun wall mounts.
Surely, you will find the perfect solution.

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Free Plans: DIY Gun Rack

Video Tutorials: DIY Gun Wall Mount Rack

Handmade Gun Storage Solutions on Etsy

Best Gun Racks on Amazon

DIY Free Gun Rack Plans

From rustic wooden designs to space-saving wall-mounted options, these DIY gun rack plans cater to a wide range of skill levels and require only basic tools.  

Futhermore, these DIY homemade gun storage projects encourage you to add customizations to make it your own gun cabinet.

Don’t forget to download the free plans by clicking the link below the description of each item.

1 – Wooden Gun Rack

DIY Wooden Gun Rack

This article outlines the process of creating a DIY Wooden Gun Rack with a cabinet.  It provides enough space for storing guns, ammo, and accessories. 

Furthermore, it works perfectly for those needing to free floor space.

It is always a good idea to start with gathering the simple tools needed for this project.

Cabinet Knobs
Wood Filler
Wood Glue

The construction process for this easy project includes cutting and shaping the wooden boards, drilling pocket holes for assembly, and sanding down the edges. 

The article emphasizes proper preparation for staining, using stainable wood filler, and applying multiple coats of stain for a polished finish.

Additionally, the tutorial covers the creation of cabinet doors and wooden knobs, as well as the attachment of hardware such as hinges and mounting brackets. 

Also, the author provides detailed steps of how to craft a decorative metal star from scrap aluminum and attach it to the gun rack.  This great addition is the best part of this gun wall display rack.

The project results in a functional wooden gun rack with cabinet for storage.

Download the Free Gun Rack with Cabinet Plans

2 – Wall Mounted Gun Rack

DIY Wall Mounted Gun Rack Plans

This Instructables article presents a cost-effective alternative to pricey weapon racks—a DIY wall-mounted weapon rack suitable for various items, including guns, swords, and staffs.

The project’s simplicity and customization options make it an appealing choice for those seeking a practical storage solution for their weapons.

Materials Needed:

Jig Saw
Countersink Bit
Orbital Sander
Wood Stain

Construction Overview

Trace and Cut: Begin by tracing and cutting out templates for your weapon holders. Adjust the fit as necessary using a coping saw.

Drill, Sand, and Paint: Optionally, drill support boards for added stability. Paint or stain the rack to your desired finish. Consider applying felt or leather inside the openings to prevent scuffs on your weapons.

Mount Display: Securely mount the rack to the wall, ideally into wall studs. Pre-drill holes and countersink them at 16-inch intervals on the support boards for stability.

Free Template: The article offers a free template to create as many holders as required for your weapons.

Bonus: As a bonus, there’s a template included for building a tabletop version of the weapon rack.

For detailed instructions and visual aids:

Download the Free DIY Plans

3 – DIY Stand Gun Rack Plan

DIY Stand Gun Rack Plans

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to construct a standing gun rack using salvaged lumber. 

Safety precautions are stressed, especially when working with reclaimed wood, which may contain lead-based paint. 

Protective gear like a respirator is essential, and the paint should be removed using a surface planer.

The construction process involves creating a sturdy base measuring 28 inches long and 10 inches wide. For the barrel rack, you’ll mark a 28-inch piece at 4-inch intervals and drill holes with a 2 1/2 inch hole saw.
Cutting these holes halfway through the wood and flipping it helps prevent tear-out.

This piece is then split down the center to form half circles. Additionally, a 3-inch piece, 28 inches long, is cut to serve as the front of the base.

To fashion the sides of the gun rack, two pieces of lumber, each 36 inches long, are ripped to match the width of the base plus the front piece, approximately 10 3/4 inches.

You’ll mark 4 inches from the bottom along the front and 4 inches from the back along the top, connecting these marks with a line and then making a cut along that line.

For a test fit, use pocket screws to temporarily assemble the gun rack. Be prepared to adjust the position of the barrel rack if necessary.

After verifying the fit, disassemble the rack for sanding, staining, and sealing on all six sides.

Reassemble it using glue and screws, and consider adding cleats to the base to prevent guns from sliding sideways. Finally, ensure the entire assembly is square for a secure and visually appealing gun rack.

Download the Free DIY Plans

4 – DIY Rifle Cabinet Plan

DIY Rifle Cabinet Plan

This tutorial outlines the process of building a custom rifle rack to fit inside a cabinet. 

Futhermore, this is a perfect diy closet gun rack idea for long guns.

The project begins with selecting the appropriate dimensions based on the available cabinet space storage area, with the author aiming to create a rack measuring 48″x20″x8-3/4″.

The construction starts with creating a simple box using pocket holes to hide all screws for a clean finish. The author uses a Kreg Drill Jig to drill pocket holes, ensuring a secure assembly. 

All four sides of the box are attached, with special attention given to drilling holes for the bottom and top to ensure proper placement.

Next, the author addresses the barrel and buttstock rests. 

The creator uses a 2-1/2″ hole saw to drill holes for the rifles, adjusting the width of the slots as needed for different rifle sizes. 

Measure the shortest rifle to determine the heigh of the barrel rest.
Also, pocket holes attach this to the side supports.

For the butt stock rest, screws are driven through the bottom of this rack, with the screw heads recessed for a clean look. 

Ultimately, this tutorial provides a clear step-by-step guide for creating a customized rifle rack that fits specific cabinet dimensions.

Download the Free DIY Plans

5 – DIY Gun Rack from Pallets Plans

DIY Gun Rack from Pallets

In this DIY tutorial, the creator demonstrates how to construct one of the most affordable gun racks using reclaimed pallet wood. 

Also, this is the perfect project for those on a tight budget. 

The old wooden rack starts with disassembling pallets to gather the necessary materials. 

The author highlights the flexibility in choosing pallets based on their grain, color, and appeal. 

After carefully taking the pallets apart, the creator cuts, measures, and sands the wood to create the frame, planks, and insets. 

Simple straight cuts are employed, with 45° angled cuts for the frame pieces to ensure they form 90° angles when assembled. 

The sanding maintains a rugged and rustic appearance. 

The assembly involves attaching the frame to the back panels, ensuring square corners, and securing the inset pieces. 

Clear polyurethane spray coats the surface for ultimate protection.
In addition, hooks hold hand guns and other accessories.

The finished product is a versatile wooden rack suitable for displaying guns, antique rifles, or serving as a coat or key holder.

Download the Free DIY Plans

6 – DIY Rustic Gun Wall Mount Plans

DIY Rustic Gun Wall Mount Plans

This project focuses on creating a rustic-style gun rack using an old barn wood board and a horseshoe. 

Keep in mind, you can use an extra wood you have laying around.

First, the free plans guide you through measuring and cutting the wood to the exact measurements of the gun.  

This allows the stock and part of the barrel to protrude. 

A crucial detail is to find the spot on the gun where the stock and trigger align flush with the bottom of the barrel, ensuring that the mounted gun appears level.

Next, the author shows you how to add a cushion to the inside curve of the horseshoe.

This cushioning helps protect the gun and maintain its position securely.

In the final step, learn how to mount the horseshoe to the wood to ensure it lays flat against the wall when mounted.

This simple DIY project results in a unique and rustic gun rack for displaying firearms with style.

Download the Free DIY Plans

7 – DIY American Flag Wall Mount Gun Rack (Hidden Storage)

DIY American Flag Wall Mount Gun Rack with hidden storage

In this functional pistol rack project, the creator shares a detailed step-by-step guide on building an American flag concealment case designed to store firearms and accessories. 

In addition, this gun rack works great to prevent unauthorized access via concealment.

The project involves crafting a wooden case with an American flag design on the front. 

The tutorial starts the design process, sanding the materials, cutting and assembling the wooden components, adding dado (grooves), and staining the wood. 

It also explains how to create the Union, paint the stars, attach hinges, and add foam for firearm storage. 

The instructions emphasize precision in measurements and alignment. 

The final step involves attaching the back panel to complete the concealment case construction project.  This functional storage solution is a simple yet attractive way to hold firearms and accessories.

The estimated cost for the materials used in this project is around $75.

Download the Free DIY Plans

8 – DIY Gun Wall Mount Rack Plans

DIY Gun Wall Mount Rack Plans

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to construct a gun rack for rifles. 

The necessary materials include:

1x6x8 Boards
Plywood Panel
Kreg Jig
Kreg Srews
Orbital Sander
Wood Filler
Wood Glue
Polyurethane Finish

The first step involves cutting the gun rack pieces to the desired size, creating patterns, and using tools like a drill press and band saw for cutting. 

In the second step, the Kreg pocket hole jig helps to assemble all the pieces.

The final step includes filling holes, sanding, applying a polyurethane finish, and hanging the gun rack securely.

Download the Free DIY Plans

DIY Gun Wall Mount Rack Video Tutorials

For those of you who learn best from video, these video tutorials provide step-by-step instructions about how to build a DIY gun wall mount rack.

9 – Simple Rifle Wall Rack

In this tutorial, the author outlines the steps to create a DIY rifle rack. 

They begin by cutting two 28-inch length sections. 
One of the boards is marked with equal sections for each gun and holes are drilled using a hole saw on these marks. 

Then, the board is then ripped lengthwise along the line of holes.
Two 3-foot sections are cut from a 6-foot shelving board. 

Next, the creator attached the smaller half of the board with half-circles to one end of each long board. 
After marking and drawing lines on the long boards, they are cut accordingly. 

Then, the drilled 28-inch board is then attached to the 3-foot boards. 
To keep things organized, wood strips are used to frame around the bottom of the stand. 

Finally, the rack is painted and placed safe place in the author’s office.

10 – Rotating DIY Gun Rack Plan

A Rotating Gun Rack – the perfect storage solution for a gun enthusiast. This innovative gun rack is designed for both functionality and style. 

In this video, we’ll showcase the features and benefits of our rotating gun rack, demonstrating its smooth 360-degree rotation, easy access to your firearms, and sturdy construction. 

Whether you’re a hunter, a collector, or simply looking to keep your firearms organized with very little space, a rotating gun rack is a great idea.

Watch this video to see how it can add convenience and elegance to your firearm storage needs.

11 – DIY Gun Wall Mount for Under $15

In this video, learn how to build a DIY gun wall mount rack for under $15.

This functional gun rack adjusts to hold various gun sizes.
Moreover, this is an eaxy to to build your own DIY gun cabinet.

12 – Vertical DIY Gun Wall Mount Rack

Watch this brief video demonstration of my vertical gun rack construction.

The french cleat wall mounting solution combined the floating shelf technique makes this DIY gun wall mount unique.

13 – DIY Gun Mount Rack

Discover how to create your own DIY Gun Rack wall mount using simple 2x4s in this step-by-step video tutorial. 

Learn the easy-to-follow process of crafting a sturdy and reliable gun rack that fits your needs perfectly. 

Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or just starting, this project is both practical and rewarding. 

Watch now and get ready to proudly display your firearms in style!

14 -DIY Gun Rack for Large Collections

Learn how to make an affordable and straightforward DIY Gun Rack wall mount with this budget-friendly video tutorial.

In just a few easy steps, you can create a functional and secure gun rack using readily available materials.
Whether you’re a DIY novice or seasoned pro, this project is perfect for anyone looking for an inexpensive and practical solution to safely store their firearms.

Watch now and discover how to make your own gun rack without breaking the bank!

Homemade Gun Wall Display Racks

Most people simply don’t have time to make their own gun wall mount rack.
However, most people still prefer a customized gun wall rack.

If you don’t have time to build a DIY gun wall mount rack for your gun collection, consider purchasing one of the quality gun racks below.

15 – Wall Mount Horizontal Four Gun Rack with Ammo Storage

DIY Gun Wall Mount with Storage
Photo By GunRacksForLess

The product listed is a Wall Mount Horizontal Four Gun Rack, available on Etsy. 

It’s a functional and artistic piece, capable of securely holding four rifles or long firearms on an owner’s wall. 
Made from solid Oak wood, it’s designed to both display and organize your guns in a stylish yet practical way. 

Moreover, the rustic look and detailed craftsmanship make it an ideal addition to any room. 
The gun rack comes with easy installation instructions and includes all necessary hardware. 

Obviously, it’s a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for gun owners.

16 – Black Steel and Brass Wall Mount Horizontal Custom Gun Rack

Rustic Gun Rack Wall Mount Horizontal

This wall-mounted rifle holder is an absolute must-have for a firearm enthusiast.

First, this handcrafted, rustic gun rack is a perfect blend of functionality and rustic steel art.
Made from steel and brass, it is designed to securely hold and display three firearms on your wall.

The robust construction ensures the safety of your firearms, while the detailed craftsmanship adds a unique aesthetic appeal to your space.
This easy-to-install rack comes with all the necessary hardware included.

It’s more than just a storage solution.
This gun rack showcases your taste and love for firearms. Ideal for your home, cabin, or hunting lodge.

17 – Oak and Metal 3-Gun Rack

wall mount gun rack
Photo By AmericanGunRacks

Elevate your firearm storage with our meticulously crafted three or four-place gun rack made from solid Oak hardwood.
This aesthetically pleasing piece is versatile enough to enhance the ambiance of your home, cabin, or hunting shack.

Designed to accommodate most shotguns and scoped rifles, the rack features flat iron “cold rolled steel” metal hooks with an approximate 1-7/8″ to 2″ opening.
The hooks, finished in flat black and lined with black felt, provide a secure and stylish display for your firearms.

The side-to-side hooks are strategically placed with a 1″ vertical offset, ensuring that your guns remain horizontally aligned within the rack.
Unlike other options on the market, we use real solid Red Oak, offering durability and a touch of authenticity that sets our product apart.

Curious about the material? The hooks are made from “COLD ROLLED STEEL.” Cold rolled steel undergoes manufacturing at temperatures below its recrystallization point, resulting in a smoother appearance with precise dimensions and squared-off corners.
This process enhances the steel’s yield strength and tensile strength, making it less prone to fracture under pressure. Choose quality craftsmanship and functionality with our Oak and Flat Iron gun rack.

18 – Wall-Mounted Gun Rack

Oak Wall-Mounted Gun Rack
Photo By Oakwoodgunracks

This exquisite wall-mounted gun rack, crafted from beautiful red oak, offers an ideal showcase for two cherished pieces. 

Each rack features a 1 3/4″ bore for barrel rest, perfectly suited for accommodating double barrels. 

You can select either a right or left-pointing orientation for your rack, with the default assembly set to point right (unless otherwise specified).

Every rack is meticulously assembled before shipping and arrives in a right-facing configuration (please contact us in advance if you prefer a left-facing orientation).

Included with each rack are all the necessary mounting essentials, including four 50-pound wall anchors with screws and finished plugs to conceal screw holes.

For added protection, each unit comes equipped with protective felt lining on both the barrel and butt rests. 

Lastly, the overall dimensions of this rack are as follows: 19″ in height, 24″ in width on the outer edges, and a projection of 5″ from the wall.

19 – Wall Mounted Gun Display

Wall Mounted Gun Display
Photo By EchoHillForge

This wall mounted gun rack holds guns for display purposes.

The firearms you keep securely stored in your safe or gun cabinet are primarily for sports and hunting. 

However, there are those special firearms that hold a place of honor above your fireplace, serving as proud displays for all to admire. 
These are the ones with rich stories, like Granddad’s cherished rifle, and you want to showcase them with Gun Hooks that enhance their unique journey.

Every pair of these hooks is meticulously handcrafted in the USA by our skilled blacksmith, ensuring both quality and craftsmanship. 
You can choose from three exquisite leather options to complement your firearm’s character. 

These hooks are incredibly versatile and can be used to elegantly display rifles, shotguns, or even pistols, making them a versatile and stylish addition to your decor.

20 – Gun Wall Hangers

Gun Wall Hangers
Photo By IronHorseBlackSmith

This set of two gun wall hangers, sourced from the historic Pennsylvania Railroads, hold significant historical value.

Each set consists of two hooks, both featuring a generously sized hook opening of approximately 1 3/4″ to 2″, designed to accommodate most types of firearms.
These hooks measure approximately 4 3/4″ to 5″ in length, with all measurements being approximate due to their handmade nature.

Crafted with care, they undergo a hammer finishing process and are then painted in an Antique Brass finish, followed by a clear coat application for added durability. 
Additionally, these hooks are thoughtfully lined with a soft and resilient black felt.

These unique pieces offer a meticulously hand-forged quality in a Pennsylvania Blacksmith shop.
Furthermore, the creator utilizes a coal forge to ensure quality and authenticity. 

Lastly, these are proudly made in the USA.

21 – Blacksmith-Crafted Gun Hooks

Blacksmith-Crafted Gun Hooks
Photo By PronghornIronworks

This set of two blacksmith-crafted gun hooks, skillfully crafted from authentic railroad spikes.

These distinctive gun hooks offers meticulously hand-forged in a quaint Ironworks shop located in Montana, ensuring attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The hooks boast an ample 2-inch wide opening, accommodating a variety of firearms with ease.

To safeguard your cherished firearms, the bottoms of these hooks feature lined cork to provide protection and style.

22 – Gun Storage Concealment Flag Coffee Table

Gun Storage concealment flag
Photo By ProtectYourShelves

This ultimate gun storage coffee table features a biometric locking system holds up to 10 finger prints.
In addition, this gun storage Uunit includes customizable 2.25″ kaizen foam and takes 5 Minutes to Assemble

Outside Dimensions are 52″ x 22″ standing 19″ off the ground.
Inside Dimensions are 46″ x 18.5″

23 – 10 Gun Wall Rack

10 gun storage display
Photo By GunRacksForLess

Introducing a remarkable 10-Gun Wall Rack, meticulously crafted from solid oak and featuring a locking ammo box.

This piece is not just a functional firearm storage solution.
Rather, it brings artistry and craftsmanship create a cherished heirloom passed down through generations.

Each gun rack offers a made on date to emphasize the unique character and origin.
The artist takes pride in using only the finest solid oak, avoiding the use of cheaper, softer pine.

24 – Rustic Wooden American Flag Gun Holder

Rustic Wooden American Flag Gun Holder
Photo By FlatRiverRustics

Introducing a Rustic Wooden American Flag Gun or Bow Rack, measures 36″ x 20″. 

The creator put their heart and soul into crafting this American flag.

The flags feature meticulously construction from individual strips of wood.
Furthermore, the creator expertly cuts down and stains each piece before assembly. 

This creator takes pride in not resorting to a simple painted piece of plywood.
Obviously, this sets them apart from the competition. 

The stars on these flags are laser-cut, adding a remarkable touch of craftsmanship to each piece. 
To make your life easier, D ring hooks were installed and provided wire for effortless hanging.

Each of these rustic flags is a unique, hand-built work of art. 
They are one-of-a-kind pieces that effortlessly enhance any home decor.

Ultimately, they showcase your American pride and appreciation for craftsmanship.

Best Gun Racks on Amazon

The list below contains the best gun storage racks on Amazon.

Purchasing a gun rack is a great way to get a design to meet your particular needs such as a high-tech hidden gun cabinet, a heavy duty gun rack for a large collection, or a horizontal locking gun rack.

25 – Gun Wall Mount for 223/5.56 Rifle

The LULACOOL Gun Wall Mount for 223/5.56 Rifle + Double PMAG Magazine Holder, AR Wall Mount Rifle Display offers a specialized gun wall mount designed for 223/5.56 rifles. 

Moreover, it includes a double PMAG magazine holder, allowing you to display your rifle and magazines together on the wall. 

This type of wall mount is typically used by firearm enthusiasts or collectors to showcase their firearms while keeping them easily accessible. 

It’s important to note that specific product features and designs may vary.
So, refer to the manufacturer’s description and instructions for precise details on how this particular gun wall mount functions.

26 – Savior Equipment Wall Rack System

The Savior Equipment Wall Rack System brings a heavy-duty steel storage solution designed for tactical rifles, shotguns, handguns, and accessories.

In addition, this modular wall-mounted organizer holds up to 6 rifles and 6 pistols.
As a result, it provides a secure and organized way to store firearms and gear.

This system is ideal for gun enthusiasts and professionals seeking a robust and customizable storage solution for their firearms collection.

27 – Horizontal Metal Gun Rack

The Mind and Action Horizontal Metal Gun Rack and Shotgun Hooks offers a unique design for storing rifles, shotguns, and bows on a wall.

Moreover, this wall mount storage system provides a space-efficient and organized way to store firearms and archery equipment horizontally.

It is a practical solution for gun and bow enthusiasts looking to keep their equipment accessible and secure while saving space.

28 – Secure Gun Hooks for Wall

The PIHSSFULL Secure Gun Hooks for Wall offers a heavy-duty steel gun rack designed for the safe storage and display of rifles and shotguns.

Furthermore, it features soft padding to protect firearms from scratches and damage while securely holding them in place.

This rack is an ideal solution for gun owners who want to keep their firearms organized, accessible, and protected on their walls.

29 – Gun Wall Mounts

The Aoanoko Gun Wall Mount is a storage and organization system for firearms, designed with strong and solid PA material and a unique low-profile design.

Moreover, it can withstand up to 300 pounds of tension, providing secure and sturdy storage for guns.

The frosting treatment adds durability and a sleek appearance to the mount.
As a result, it makes an excellent choice for gun owners looking for a reliable and discreet way to display and store their firearms.

30 – Metal Gun Rac

The GOHIKING Metal Gun Rack brings a heavy-duty wall mount system designed for rifles, shotguns, and bows.

As you can see, it features soft padding to protect your firearms and archery equipment.
So, this makes it a safe and secure gun storage solution.

This wall mount rack provides a sturdy and reliable display stand for your guns and bows.

Most importantly, it helps you keep them organized and easily accessible.

31 – Hold Up Displays Gun Rack

The Hold Up Displays Gun Rack features a wall-mounted horizontal hanger designed to hold up to three rifles.

Furthermore, the hand-welded construction combined with black steel makes it durable.
As a result, this gun rack features ultimate durability and quality.

This rack provides a secure and space-saving storage solution for rifles while displaying them horizontally on the wall.

32 – Nonkky Gun Racks

The Nonkky Gun Racks offers a horizontal gun rack made from heavy-duty steel designed for wall mounting.

In addition, they come equipped with 12 adjustable mounting hooks, allowing users to securely store and display up to 5 rifles, compound bows, shotguns, or carbine guns indoors.

Ultimately, this gun rack design provides space-efficient and organized storage solution for firearms and related equipment.

33 – Rush Creek Creations Patriotic 4-Gun Wall Storage Rack

The Rush Creek Creations Patriotic 4-Gun Wall Storage Rack features a gun rack designed to store and display rifles and shotguns while incorporating an American flag-themed design.

Also, it can hold up to four firearms and includes a storage compartment.

Ultimately, this rack offers a patriotic and functional way to showcase firearms and accessories while also honoring the American flag.

34 – Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe

The Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe features a secure storage solution designed for handguns.

Moreover, it provides a safe area for your firearms and makes sure the wrong hands don’t access them. 

It features a biometric fingerprint scanner, PIN code access, and a backup key lock for multiple means of entry.
This safe is suitable for placement on a nightstand, desk, bedside, or in a truck, offering quick and easy access to your handgun while keeping it securely stored.

Also, the auto-sliding door design ensures fast access in critical situations while maintaining security and safety.

35 – Savior Equipment Wall-Mount Rifle Rack

The Savior Equipment Wall-Mount Rifle Rack is a heavy-duty storage and display rack designed for firearms such as rifles, shotguns, and carbines.

Moreover, it mounts on the wall or as a free-standing unit.
Ultimately, it provides a versatile storage option.
This rack features durable steel construction and offers 6 slots for holding firearms.

Furthermore, it has a high weight capacity, supporting up to 150 lbs of firearms.
Also, it works for both storage and display purposes.

Ultimately, this wall mounted rifle rack secures and organizes your firearms.


In conclusion, these 35 DIY Gun Wall Mount Rack Displays offer a diverse range of options for firearm enthusiasts and collectors. 

With the free plans, the true diyer can create secure, customized, and visually appealing gun storage solution to fit any wall space for your unique style and requirements.

Conversely, the product recommendations provide great purchase options if you choose to not build one.

Whether it’s for practical gun organization or a decorative display, these projects empower you to take control of your firearms’ storage while adding a touch of personalization. 

Lastly, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gun storage with these creative and functional professional and DIY solutions.

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