Sinker Cypress Epoxy Resin River Glow Table


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This live edge epoxy resin river glow table is extremely unique.  Why?  Because there is only 1.

Additionally, you can see exactly how this was made by watching my video below.

In stock


This Sinker Cypress epoxy resin river glow table serves as a desk, couch table, or an entryway table.

The live edge epoxy resin river glow table is made from Sinker Cypress.  Sinker Cypress is a gorgeous, very rare, and highly sought after wood.

The river table glows in the dark without lights and shines through the embedded blue fire glass.

Photoluminescence powder (Glow Powder) makes the bottom layers of the epoxy resin to make it glow.

Light charges the glow powder.  Sunlight and Black light are the best types of light to charge the glow powder.

In the event the table is not in an area with sunlight, a black light strip manually charges the glow powder if needed.

Hairpin Legs

The hairpin legs are raw steel.

I remove the hairpin legs before shipping and include the stainless steel hardware to re-attach the legs..


The dimensions of this table with hairpin legs is as follows:

  • 46″ x 20″ x 29.5″

I prefer local pickup, but shipping is available.



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Learn how to make an epoxy resin river table that glows!

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Weight50 lbs
Dimensions46 x 20 x 2 in


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