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Support Me

As most of you know, there is cost associated with just about everything and this includes my creations I share for free.  The tools, supplies, camera gear, software, etc. all cost a considerable amount to purchase and to maintain.

You can support me indirectly (doesn’t cost you a cent) by making purchases via my affiliate links contained within most pages on my website and My Tools page.

Amazon provides me with a small commission for referring you to them – you do not need to purchase the specific item you click on for me to get credit.  Any item you purchase on Amazon will help me as long as you use one of my Amazon links on my website to reach Amazon.  The icon below will make it easy for you.



Other ways to support me is to subscribe to my newsletter, watch my videos, and follow me on social media platforms if you feel I’ve provided you some value & earned your ‘like’, ‘subscribe‘, or ‘share’.  Just click on your preferred social media icon below to follow me.




Through your direct &/or indirect support, I can produce better content more often.

I am so very grateful for your support and helping me continue to do what I love to do – Imagine, Create, Share.


Thanks again,

Jeremy Hoffpauir



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