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Snorkeling in Destin Florida Beach

In this article, learn about snorkeling in Destin Florida beach.  Also, I show you the essential snorkel gear and the wildlife you will likely see.

Essential Snorkel Gear

First, the essential snorkel gear is very important to make your time snorkeling the beach in destin florida more enjoyable, comfortable, and productive. 

In addition, your chances at finding starfish greatly decrease if you you spend time adjusting & fixing your snorkel gear.

Tourists tend to purchase snorkel gear from the Souvenir shops that occupy every other block of a beach community.  

These shops are ‘tourist traps’ and sell many.  

The quality of their snorkel gear is not good or the snorkel gear is severely over-priced.

I’ve been snorkeling since I began swimming at a very young age. 

Consequently, I’ve owned many different snorkel masks, snorkels, and fins over the years.  

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few dollars and buy a decent mask, snorkel, and fins. 

I’ve listed the essential snorkel gear below:


Snorkel Camera Gear

Obviously, I love videography and filming as most of my blogs compliment my YouTube videos.  It is so awesome to capture special moments to experience over and over again.

If you would like to capture those special moments as well, I recommend and use the following gear.



In this article, you will learn all about snorkeling in Destin, Florida and the sea life you will encounter..




Sea Life

The beach in Destin, Florida is full of wildlife.  If you are not interested in learning how to find starfish, you may be interested in the other wildlife you may encounter while snorkeling.

Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars (sea biscuits) are plentiful at the beach if you know where to find them.
Also, I wrote an article on my other website to help you learn how to find sand dollars at the beach.




I was raised fishing the brackish waters of south Louisiana for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and other species.  
There are many redfish patrolling the beach close to the shore.  
I managed to get fairly close to them before they felt threatened.


Another interesting creature you may encounter at the beach are stingrays.
Most people are afraid of stingrays, but they are very docile creatures until you step on one the wrong way.
Stingrays can hide very well in the sand because they are a common prey for sharks.

Stingray at the Beach


Seashells and Fish

There are plenty of tropical fish and shells at the beach for you to encounter while snorkeling.


Most of the cool shells are on the shore, but there are some in deeper waters with live creatures in them.
Some fish tend to follow you around while you swim looking for food.
If you drop a shell or sand dollar, they will swarm around it.

Gulf Sand Flounders are fun to find because they are well camouflaged.
They blend with the sand so well that you won’t notice them until they move.


Snorkeling – Great Family Activity

There are very few activities for the whole family as enjoyable as snorkeling.  

Furthermore, snorkeling is also a great full body workout, which is an added bonus for Stacey and me.

My family and I have been snorkeling since we became a family.
Even when our kids were very young and unable to swim, they were snorkeling with floats while on our back.
Our kids are now pros at snorkeling and can navigate through the waters better than most.



Additionally, a raft always proves to be a handy item to have while snorkeling.
Moreover, A raft can be the central point for your family to snorkel from and it can also store items you don’t need the entire time such as flippers.  
Ultimately, we use the raft in the picture below, but any raft will work fine.

how to find starfish - family boat



In conclusion, I hope you learned about snorkeling the beach in Destin Florida. 
Additionally, visit this article to learn about essential paddle boarding gear.

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