Sinker Cypress Epoxy Resin River Table


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This LED epoxy resin river table is extremely unique.  Why?  Because there is only 1.

Additionally, you can see exactly how this was made by reading my blog post and watch the video.

Out of stock


This sinker cypress epoxy resin river table can be used as a desk, couch table, or an entryway table.

Additionally, This LED table is made from Sinker Cypress, which is a gorgeous, extremely rare, and highly sought after wood.

Each side of the clear epoxy resin river is a true live edge, which darkens the wood just like an actual river bank.

The LED light strip it shines through the clear epoxy resin and into the blue embedded fire glass for a stunning visual.  Also, it plugs into a wall outlet for power and can easily be removed if it needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, I created this Sinker Cypress Epoxy Resin River Table with LED lights and embedded fire glass with my own hands.

Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs are raw steel.

I remove the hairpin legs for shipping.  The stainless steel hardware to re-attach the legs will be included.


The dimensions of this table with hairpin legs are as follows:

  • L x W x H:  47 1/4″ x 17″ x 29 3/4″

I prefer local pickup, but shipping is available.



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