How to Make Jiggly Slime

The popular project this year for kids is how to make jiggly slime.  My kids and I decided to make super jiggly stretchy slime and it was an easy DIY recipe with simple ingredients.


Materials I Used:


How to Make Jiggly Slime - Things Needed


Pour Glue in Large Bowl

Pour 2 bottles of Elmer’s Glue in large bowl.  It is important to make sure to squeeze out as much glue as possible.

Next, set the empty glue bottles to the side.

How to Make Jiggly Slime - Step 1 Add Glue



Add Warm Water

Use one of the empty glue bottles and fill the bottle with warm water.  Next, pour the warm water into the large bowl.  The water does not need to be hot.  The same temperature as a warm bath is sufficient.

The glue to water ration is 2 parts glue to every 1 part water.

How to Make Jiggly Slime - Step 2 add warm water


Mix Warm Water with Glue

It is important to mix the warm water very well with the glue.  I recommend mixing with a baking spatula for 5 minutes.

How to Make Jiggly Slime - Step 3 Mix water with Glue


The mixing caused Mattie to get very bored.  Her attitude changed when I told her it was time for the next step.