How to Make a Rustic Table with Epoxy Resin

I love building tables with unique wood and epoxy resin.  The combination of these two elements enhances the wood’s natural beauty and preserves it’s look for many years.  In this tutorial, I show you how to make a rustic table with epoxy resin and reclaimed wood.  To help you build your own, the epoxy resin rustic table digital plans and the accompanying video are below.



epoxy resin rustic table digital plans



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I offered to build a table for my sister in November while brainstorming project ideas during Thanksgiving.  My sister is older than me, which typically means she does more favors for me than I do for her.



how to make a rustic table - for my sister


I spoke to my sister and traded many Pinterest screenshots via text over a two week period to get an idea of the style table she wanted me to build.  The final decision was a industrial style table with a rustic style with reclaimed wood.

I decided to incorporate a few unique elements to this rustic table, which compliment my sister’s personality and her faith.

Needless to say, I was happy to build this table for my sister.  I completed the table the same week as her birthday, which made it more special.




Tools and Materials I Used


Casting Epoxy Resin (Used to fill inlays):

  • NOTE:  Can be used for casting AND top coat.

Epoxy Used for Top Coat:

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  • NOTE:  Can ONLY be used as top coat.

Glow Powder for Resin:

Pigment Powder for Resin

Finish Used to Seal Underside of Table: 

Burn In Stick:

Micro Butane Torch:

Larger Butane Torch:

Acetone (Used for Resin & Black Pipe clean up):

Resin Measuring Containers:

Resin Rubber Squeegee:

Resin 1/8″ Trowel:

Resin Chop Brush:

Resin Mixing Paddle:

Resin Stir Sticks:

Rubber Gloves:

Foil Tape:

Wood Glue:

CA Glue and Activator:

Foam Brush used for Underside of Table:

1000 Grit Sandpaper:

220 grit sandpaper:

3/8″ Dowel Rod:

Reclaimed Heart Pine Wood:  Your Local Hardwood Dealer

  • 84″ x 13.5″ x 2.5″



Festool Track Saw TS-75 w/ Track:

Festool RO125 Sander:

Festool Sandpaper (40 grit – 320 grit):

Dowel Jig:

Grizzly Table Saw:

Bosch Miter Saw:

Dewalt Planer:

Dust Right Planer Dust Bag:

Dewalt Trim Router:


Sheetrock Square:

Bessey clamps:

Dewalt Trigger Clamps:

Tape Measure:

Glue Scraper:

Straight Edge:

Chisel Set:

Low Angle Jack Plane w/ toothed blade (lie-nielsen)


Step Overview

  1. Gather Materials
  2. Mill Wood
  3. Join Wood
  4. Remove High Spots
  5. Cut Inlays
  6. Fill Inlays with Resin
  7. Sand Table
  8. Fill Voids on Underside of Table
  9. Sand and Finish Underside
  10. Assemble and Attach Black Pipe Table Base
  11. Apply Seal Coat
  12. Fill Voids and Lightly Sand
  13. Apply Flood Coat
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