How to Make a Bench out of a Baby Crib

Do you have an old baby crib in storage and have no idea what to do with it?  In this tutorial, I show you how to make a bench out of a baby crib.


During our recent move, our unused baby crib found a temporary home in my new workshop (not a good thing). Our new home needed an entryway bench, so my wife and I decided a repurposed baby crib to bench was a great project to preserve our children’s baby crib.

The bed was one of those overpriced 3-in-1 type beds (crib, toddler, twin) from one of the big box baby stores.  It is noteworthy to mention the bed was purchased before I started building things, which is ashame b/c I could have built this bed for 1/10th of the price we paid for it.

Anyhoo, this repurposed baby bed to bench would be a perfect project for our new house.


Tools I used


Baby Crib Parts

The baby crib broke down into 6 main parts:  Headboard, right side rail, left side rail, front rail (only used for crib), and 2 runner boards (only used for twin bed).

How to Make a Bench Out of a Baby Bed_1

Coincidentally, the baby crib headboard (in the front of this pic) was the perfect size for the back of the bench.

I did not have any structured plan going into this project.  In turn, I just stared at the bed for an unordinary amount of time and the bed sort of transformed into a bench in my mind.



Bench Seat

First, I formed the seat with 2x4s & attaching the legs from the front rail.

Next, I cut off the legs from the front rail using my table saw & attached them to the 2x4s using pocket holes with my Kreg K5 and glue.

Then, I removed the hardware on the baby crib and filled the threaded holes with wood putty.

How to Make a Bench Out of a Baby Bed_2


Attaching the Seat

I missed a few pictures leading to the picture below (thank you icloud photo migration).  I’ll explain the steps I took in the following paragraphs.

First, I attached the bench frame to the bed headboard using pocket holes.  The top of the bench is 19 1/4″ from the ground in order to make sure the top of the bench seat is 20″.

Next, I secured 4-1×6 pine boards to the top of the seat, but ripped each board down with my table saw from 5 1/2″ to 4 3/4″.  This made the bench 19″ from back to front.

Then, I used brad nails and wood glue to attach the boards to the brace.  The dimensions of the bench seat ended up being 56″x19″x20″ (LxWxH).

How to Make a Bench Out of a Baby Bed_5



Skirt and Arm Rest

I took the front rail/panel piece of the repurposed baby crib (this is the piece that would be used for the front of the crib) and ran it through my table saw about 8 inches from the top.  This left me with an 10″ piece and a 15″ piece with both being 50″ wide.

Next, I used the 15″ piece for the bottom skirt of the bench.  The 10″ pieces were cut down to 20″ for each arm rest.

Then, I attached the arm rests using brad nails and wood glue.

I attached the baby crib bench’s bottom skirt with pocket holes to the front legs and brad nails at the top on the spindles.

Finally, I used the original bed rail boards as a bottom brace from the head board to the back of the front legs at the bottom.