How to Build a Resin Dining Table with Pecky Cypress

In this tutorial, learn how to build a resin dining table with pecky cypress wood.  I show you resin tips and woodworking techniques that make this a DIY project for everyone.

Tools I used:



Christmas is only a few months away & the adults in our family pick names to exchange gifts. I made sure I picked my mother-in-law’s name so I can make her a resin dining table using pecky sinker cypress.

Search for ideas

I searched for cypress table ideas for about a day. The unique look of pecky cypress quickly grabbed my attention.  This wood is fairly common in my part of the country (South Louisiana) & I thought it would be a great choice of wood for this epoxy resin dining table.  The wood is not only beautiful and unique, but it also has a lot of historical/geographical significance. My Mother-in-law would appreciate the historical value.

I called a friend of mine who knows the best places to purchase reclaimed wood in the New Orleans area and he referred me to Riverside Lumber.

I visited Riverside Lumber the following day and noticed they not only had sinker cypr