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There are many other people on the Internet who do what you are doing.  What makes you different or better than them?

Absolutely nothing.  I don’t view other people online who are doing what I do as my competition.  It is actually quite the opposite in my perspective.  These people inspired me by doing what they love to do; therefore, I hope they continue so I can continue to learn from their unique styles.  I would do this if I had 1 trillion dollars in my bank account; therefore, competition and making money are not my focus.  I do this because it is what I love to do.


What tools do you use?

Visit my tools page.


How do you choose your projects?

I choose my projects based on necessity, inspiration, or I simply believe it would be cool.


Do you have a job currently?  If so, what do you do for a living?

Yes, I do.  I am a Systems Engineer and I design/maintain/support large service provider networks and the applications that run on these networks.


Did you start do-daddy with plans to make this your ‘real’ job in the future?

As I mentioned previously, I started do-daddy b/c I want to share my creations with others and I have fun doing this – plain and simple.  I believe that people who do what they love don’t actually have a job.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all do what we love to do each day and make a living at it?  Of course!  People do it all the time.  I started do-daddy b/c I want to share my creations with others.  It would be awesome to meet &/or exceed my financial goals through do-daddy.



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