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DIY Wood Pallet Wine Rack [Video Tutorial]

DIY Wood Pallet Wine Rack Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I show you how to make an easy DIY pallet wine rack.

Tools I Used

Reciprocating Saw
Table Saw
Miter Saw
Clamps for Table Saw Jig
Band Saw
Brad Nailer
Glue Dispenser
Wood Glue
Orbital Sander
Chalk Paint
Lacquer Finish

This DIY wine rack holds wine glasses and wine bottles. Also, it hangs on the wall or free stand on a kitchen counter.

Also, make sure the pallet wood used is not pressure treated. Pressure treated wood contains chemicals which can be harmful to your health.

Furthermore, clean the pallet wood with a pressure washer or sand the dirt and grime away with a handheld sander.


In conclusion, I hope you learned how to make a DIY wine rack..

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